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program takes place 6/15 - 7/10!

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What We Do

Research confirms that a musical education improves academic success — it literally changes the brain by enhancing cognitive development. We also know that students who learn music develop important qualities including persistence, motivation, concentration and the ability to successfully work alone or as part of a group.

Bravo Waukegan actively supports students of the Waukegan public schools by partnering with the fine arts administration to fund opportunities to grow through music. Bravo provides resources for supervised, creative programs that take place in-school, after-school and during the summer.

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Students Impacted
Each Year


In Donated


Underwritten Private
Music Lessons


Students Sponsored in
Afterschool Mariachi

Bravo’s commitment has directly
impacted so many hard-working
and hopeful families who are
dreaming big and looking for ways
to realize them.

-Waukegan Parent

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Volunteer with Bravo

Generous supporters and volunteers enable Bravo to make a tremendous difference in the lives of many Waukegan students. Thank you for supporting our programs financially and with your time. Together, we are making a positive impact on the education and learning experience of many young people.

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