Middle School Music Festival at the Genesee

May 8-9, 2018. Times TBA.


The Music Festival is an annual celebration of musical achievement, set in a historical and revered venue.

Every year Bravo funds the performances of Waukegan’s High School and five middle school bands, orchestras and choirs—over 1000 students sharing their musical talent on stage at the beautiful, historic Genesee Theatre, in downtown Waukegan. The Festival is the culmination of a year’s work studying music, practicing and finally performing in front of an audience of 2,000 friends and family. The energy, excitement and utter thrill is palpable.

This sums it up: a young girl who had just sung at the theatre with her chorus was overheard by a volunteer talking to herself. She was looking in the mirror and she said to herself, “Do you realize that you just sang at the Genesee? I can’t believe that you sang at the Genesee!”

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