History of Delgado Guitar Maker

The Delgado story really begins in the early 1900’s in Torreón, México, in the state of Coahuila. Manuel’s Great-Uncle, Candelario Delgado Flores (Candelas), born in 1911, and his Grandfather Porfirio Delgado Flores (Pilo), born in 1913, began with different careers. Pilo was a cabinet-maker, and Candelas was a singer/guitarist.

The brothers joined forces and began building guitars in their home. They soon organized a Cuban-style band called “Son Torreón,” for whom the Delgado brothers made all of the instruments. Manuel’s Great-uncle, Candelas is credited for making the first “cut-away” guitar for their band.

Visit the Delgado Guitar website and learn more.

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