Own Your Own

Purchasing a first instrument is a significant milestone in a young musician’s life. Bravo encourages students, ready for a full-size instrument, to consider ownership if it is within their means. Ownership allows students the opportunity to practice during the summer months, when typically rented instruments are collected and inventoried.
Through a partnership with a large Midwest wholesaler, Bravo is able to order instruments for students at cost. These instruments are gently used, have been inspected and cleaned.

Own Your Own is a year round program. However, due to the ebb and flow of inventory from month to month, the best time to order is in the spring when warehouse inventory is at its peak. This allows for greater instrument selection and faster order fulfillment.

Are you ready to purchase an instrument?

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Instrument Donation

Bravo has collected, purchased and distributed instruments valued at $289,000 in total — all for Waukegan music students. In addition to building inventory, we help fund the repair, maintenance and cleaning of these instruments. Bravo is constantly seeking donations of new and used musical instruments, filling the needs of school bands and orchestras.

Do you have an instrument to donate to Bravo?

Please call 847.722.5821 or click here for more information. We also accept donations of instrument equipment (music, cases, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Equipment Purchase

Bravo often purchases equipment for schools when asked by faculty. It ranges from choir risers and choir robes to drums for the JROTC Bugle Corps. We provide assistance with truck rental fees so the High School Marching Band can enter and compete on a local and state level each fall. Various requests are fulfilled on an as-needed basis.

Teachers, do you have an equipment or instrument need in your classroom? Please contact Bravo or visit our “For Teachers” page for more information on how to request support.

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